Hire the Krew

Big Lizard Wisdom

If you feel more overwhelmed than a one arm paper hanger with jock itch, then your in the middle of the road.  All I’ve ever seen there is dead and stinks.

Favorite Verses

Guys, when you’re scared to death, look to the one that gave life, then look to the one he put by your side. It cost us a rib, a small price to pay.

Dirt Word

You know what makes me so mad that I wanna catch a Nolan Ryan fastball with my teeth, people who talk to their kids like their dogs.  It makes them the animal.


Remember when you feel like you can’t handle the pressure of like anymore that diamonds are made from just such pressure


Don’t prejudge me, try & understand me. Don’t look at what I did.  Watch and see what I will do.  Don’t see who I am, but see who I will become in life.