Licked by the Lizard

Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery is a locally owned and operated towing company located in Lizard Lick, NC just outside of Raleigh, NC. Ron, Amy and the Lizard Lick Krew pride themselves on being able to tow just about anything, from any place, at any time using their serious horsepower.


ron and johnny

Big Lizard Wisdom

I just met a guy that would be vastly improved upon by death.

Favorite Verses

When I got married it was to Miss Right. I just didn’t know her first name was always.

Dirt Word

Problems, you can face them head on, or run away, but when racing one of great proportion, choose the action, do not let the action be chosen for you.


Marriage is grand but divorce is a few hundred grand.


Only two people have given their life for you, Jesus and the American Soldier.  Thank one and pray to the other.