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Big Lizard Wisdom

When you can’t see the bright side of life it’s time to start polishing the dull side. Determination often dictates destination.

Favorite Verses

Haven’t you noticed that most of the time the reason you are bleeding is because you pricked your finger on the thorn of temptation as you were reaching for the rose of redemption–many things are meant to be viewed in awe but never held or owned–your life is one of those–stop trying to control it and live for others rather than yourself and you will find the thorns wither while the petals flourish

Dirt Word

Now don’t that just leave you all up in mustard trying to ketchup.


Don’t yell at me. Talk to me. Don’t criticize me. Praise me. Don’t hit me, Hug me. Don’t push me away, pull me towards you. The wants of a child.


Forgiveness is the first step to happiness.  If you live your life thinking you have to enforce an eye for an eye the only thing you’ll find is blindness.