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Ronnie Shirley has many monikers and wears a plethora of hats, although he comes across as a uneducated country boy that makes his living with his brawn and his sweat. He actually is a well educated fluent speaker that brings many talents to the table and normally takes his peers by surprise. Speaking from his life’s experiences of being a overweight thick glasses wearing dirt poor child who overcame bullying, being struck by lightening, surviving molestation, overcoming a hard drug and steroid addiction. Walking a violent lifestyle with multiple altercations with police and short incarcerations and living homeless on the streets.Then loosing his best friend to overdose, and surviving a verbally abusive and unfaithful spouse leading to a face to face encounter with death. Only to turn his life around, find a soulmate, build a successful towing business, raise a family and land a Hit TV show that is now viewed in seven countries.His life is short novel of how to overcome adapt and survive in a world that is geared to help you fail. He speaks intelligently to small or large groups all over the country about inspiration, motivation, self worth, validation and learning how not to merely survive but thrive in today’s society. Known for his quick wit and ones liners he entertains with humor and persona while bring back the art of telling parables and mesmerizing crowds with some of his closings. He and his wife Amy are both profound and open Christians, avid hunters,family oriented parents from athletic backgrounds with much more than degrees in Dirt Farming and Stump Whipping Chitlens as Ron would say. He surprises many with his love for chess, the arts especially paintings and poetry, being a published author himself, and is vast understanding of nature, the outdoors, hunting and fishing tactics, Biblical studies as well as one of the most talented and versed Repossession agents in the World. He also specializes in the book of Revelation and has studied it in the English, Hebrew and Latin translations. He is a Ordained Evangelist that specializes in troubled or hurting youth and young adults, but speaks on a multitude of subjects that are not religion related.Please look at the list of proposed matters he has spoken on or visit out YouTube for some examples of his speaking talents and knowledge. If you decide that you are looking to book a speaker that not only draws a great crowd but keeps them on the edge of their seats with humor and intense situations, and at times doesn’t leave a dry eye in the room, then you should consider booking Ron Shirley for your next function. Whether your looking to book Repo Ron, Renaissance Ron, Revelation Ron or Revolution Ron we assure you that you will not be disappointed. A list of references is available at your request. The booking information is attached in the link below.



Amy “Firecracker” Shirley is a Modern day inspiration and a budding example of what perseverance, determination and fearless effort can culminate into. Growing up in a single parent trailer with a mother who worked three jobs at times on a winding dirt road, Amy never let her surroundings or environment do anything other than motivate and cultivate her into the successful woman she is today. Many would call her a modern day wonder woman, being a mother of four, a former World Champion Power Lifter (, a licensed Mortician and funeral director as well as a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. She balances all this with being a owner in a repossession company that has gained World Wide attention on the show Lizard Lick Towing on Tru tv, while training and staying fit both mentally, physically  and emotionally. She is also currently becoming a author, and working on a workout and hunting videos as well as working with physically restricted children.She has faced many setbacks in her life, even recently developing a gluten, sugar and sulfite allergy, but she using her setbacks as stepping stones to continued happiness and success. Amy travels extensively speaking on women’s empowerment, fitness, equality, health, balancing work with family and how to find happiness and stay positive in every day life. She speaks from a deep well of experience overcoming economic challenges as a child, paying her own way through college and over coming physical, mental and emotional abuse. She has a genuine heart to help the elderly and terminal children visiting rest homes and hospital wards frequently. She teaches positive lifestyles, self motivation and the art of overcoming diversity by beating the odds. She is a pristine example of the American success story, not because of her television popularity or multitude of followers and current social status, rather because she is truly happy and has learned how to live a positive and fulfilling lifestyle while trying to raise her own family. Amy has beat the odds, she has gone from rags to riches but riches of the heart, mind, soul and body, not of the pocket. She is the perfect woman to speak to any age group about how to be happy, successful, positive and how to persevere, endure, overcome and survive in  what is deemed a mans world. She is a open Christian (her life verse is Ecc 3), a huge outdoor enthusiast and huntress, as well as respected professional in several fields in working class America. If you want a speaker who can bring a beacon of light into any room and leave with the audience inspired, motivated and moved from the heart, then Amy is the perfect fit. She has a plethora of topics she covers but does it with her southern belle style, southern draw, country as cornbread demeanor and a open heart. She is currently accepting booking but has limited availability  due to her rigorous filming and family schedule, as well as the high demand for her personal appearances, so booking six months or more  in advance is highly recommended. To book Amy click on the lick below and follow the instructions-

Public Speaking

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Tough is not what you get by winning or succeeding, it’s the losses and failures that build toughness, thus allowing you the strength to win.

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If you can’t be everything to everybody just be something to someone.

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Remember we’re all walking down the same road.  Some of us are just on pavement while others are walking on dirt.


“Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.” 1 John 2:9


Only two people have given their life for you, Jesus and the American Soldier.  Thank one and pray to the other.