Big Lizard Wisdom

You can look at life through many eyes and glasses and see it from many points of view.  But remember those that can’t see at all and help them first.

Favorite Verses

To the Ones who watch movies alone on Friday night—the ones that eat a meal by themselves– the ones that are avoided on a bus–the ones who sleep alone to wake to emptiness–to the ones who shop with no one to buy for–the ones who truly understand left field–the ones who don’t follow the crowd–today I am thinking of you.

Dirt Word

Ways to say yes. “Does howdy doody got wooden balls?”, “Rattlesnakes kiss gently”, Cat’s got climbing gear”, “fat puppy’s like parked cars”.


When you think you are someone of importance go and try and boss your neighbors dog around


When you can’t see the bright side of life it’s time to start polishing the dull side. Determination often dictates destination.