Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery
2605 Hwy 97
Lizard Lick, NC 27951

The Krew tries to answer all emails personally, but Ronnie (with two left thumbs) looks SO pathetic tapping away one letter at a time, we thought we should warn ya, it sometimes DOES take a little while for us to respond!

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Big Lizard Wisdom

I am not as concerned with being right as I am with no being scared to be wrong

Favorite Verses

Today is new.  Tomorrow is unknown. Yesterday is done. So you can live, plan or dwell, but your choice determines your destiny. Choose wisely.

Dirt Word

If you are going to eat it don’t name it


Haven’t you noticed that most of the time the reason you are bleeding is because you pricked your finger on the thorn of temptation as you were reaching for the rose of redemption–many things are meant to be viewed in awe but never held or owned–your life is one of those–stop trying to control it and live for others rather than yourself and you will find the thorns wither while the petals flourish


I’ll remember the things I’ve done for awhile, but I’ll remember the folks I did them with until I die. Scars are tattoos with better stories.