For Sale from Lizard Lick

All items listed are for sale at Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery in Wendell, NC and must be picked up at this location also. For more details on these items you can call 919-365-4388.













Big Lizard Wisdom

We can talk to kings and presidents and can inspire armies and countries. We can verbally give hope but change will only come about with actions, not words.

Favorite Verses

When the boogey man goes to sleep every night he looks under the bed for Bobby Brantley.

Dirt Word

Moments are not validated until they become a memory. Memories are made only in the moment


Ladies lets just say I’d rather have hemmroids ┬áthe size of grapefruits ┬áthan to see yall trying to look like a the Aflac duck no more duck faces.


You see the same stars from the valleys as you do from the mountain tops. Reaching them is possible no matter where you are.