Hunting Pictures

Hunting is one of our favorite pastimes and we enjoy the thrill of the hunt just as much as we enjoy the yummy rewards.  (Viewer discretion advised, these pictures are of animals we have killed)

Big Lizard Wisdom

Remember, the snail made it to the ark through perseverance. Today’s stone is tomorrow’s step. Determination or extermination, your choice.

Favorite Verses

If you want a friend, be a friend. You want a soul mate, be honest and faithful.  You want someone to fight for you, stand in front of them and take their blows.

Dirt Word

Two can live for the price of one if one doesn’t eat.


If you think nobody cares trying missing a car payment.


Tim Tebow can throw a football sixty yards on one knee. Amy Shirley is so strong she can throw Tim Tebow farther than that.