Strawberry Festival – Plant City FL

Big Lizard Wisdom

At times you gotta let it all out. Holding in anger and hurt is like holding back a plane with barbwire. If you don’t let go it’s going to tear you to pieces.

Favorite Verses

Only think slicker than a greased pig turned politician is a harpooned in a banana tree dipped in butter.

Dirt Word

To the Ones who watch movies alone on Friday night—the ones that eat a meal by themselves– the ones that are avoided on a bus–the ones who sleep alone to wake to emptiness–to the ones who shop with no one to buy for–the ones who truly understand left field–the ones who don’t follow the crowd–today I am thinking of you.


It’s all chicken but the bill and that’s his pecker.  The Lick Life way of saying its all good in the Lizard hood.


Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.