Lizard Staff


Repo Ron

Ron Shirley

“If I tell You A rooster can pull a freight train, you'd better hook 'em UP!”

Ron is the President of LLTR and oversees the day to day operations of the repo company as well as heading up the repossession skip tracing department..

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Amy is the Vice President as well as the backbone of the repossession company.

The Lizard Office Staff



Heather handles the front office, doing invoices, dispatching, and customer service. You enter Rontopia and the first face you see will be hers.

The Lizard Drivers

Johnny web

Cousin Johnny

Cousin Johnny is a jack of all trades

The Lizard Office Staff

Juicy web

Big Juicy

Big Juicy is our front office assistant and Amy's right hand woman.

tammy web 1


Tammy is our merchandise store manager

The Lizard Drivers

Big Lizard Wisdom

The only walls that will confine you are the ones that you build yourself

Favorite Verses

My prayer today is that God insulates me from the world and doesn’t allow me to isolate myself from it.  Country doesn’t belong in the city.

Dirt Word

Haven’t you noticed that most of the time the reason you are bleeding is because you pricked your finger on the thorn of temptation as you were reaching for the rose of redemption–many things are meant to be viewed in awe but never held or owned–your life is one of those–stop trying to control it and live for others rather than yourself and you will find the thorns wither while the petals flourish


If you can’t be everything to everybody just be something to someone.


Everyone starts the game but very few finish it, and even fewer actually enjoy it