Amy – The Real Boss of the Lick


Amy is the Vice President as well as the backbone of the repossession company. She is the horsepower that makes the company run ahead of the big dogs and the big dog when someone thinks they can come in and run over the company.

Big Lizard Wisdom

To the Ones who watch movies alone on Friday night—the ones that eat a meal by themselves– the ones that are avoided on a bus–the ones who sleep alone to wake to emptiness–to the ones who shop with no one to buy for–the ones who truly understand left field–the ones who don’t follow the crowd–today I am thinking of you.

Favorite Verses

Superman wears Chuck Norris underwear and Chuck Norris wears Bobby Brantley underwear.

Dirt Word

Moon Rising, the end of the day or the beginning of the night? Different views, same scenery.  Moonlight is reflected sunlight.  What’s your reflection?


God knows what you need. God listen when you ask. God cares when you don’t. God loves when you can’t. God shows mercy when you don’t. God forgives when you won’t


Most dogs can learn and carry out 35 to 40 commands. Ladies don’t you wish you could get you men to be as trained as your dogs.