Tammy- Store Manager


Tammy is our merchandise store manager and handles the front office, doing invoices, dispatching, and customer service. You enter Rontopia and the first face you see will be hers. She helps our fans feel right at home, while telling you a little about the history of Lizard Lick. Anytime you are in town, you’ve gotta stop by and see this girl for the inside scoop of everyone at the LICK.

Big Lizard Wisdom

Never think you are so rich that you can afford to lose a friend. You should stay latched on to friends like a long nose mosquito at a blood bank.

Favorite Verses

There are two types of people, chess and checker’s players. ¬†Chess players won’t usually play checker’s but checker’s players become chess champions

Dirt Word

You;ll find that most people who remember happiness are the ones that have the worst memory


If a turtle looses his shell is he then homeless or naked.


If your days are filled with hate, your life will be filled with hurt.  Remember scars are tattoos with better stories but not self-inflicted ones.