Swirly Earl

Swirly Earl

Swirly Earl is one of our repo agents/transporters. He gets the job done without any fuss or lip… and that’s why Ronnie likes him so much! He is also a pro-wrestler on the side so he is as entertaining a three eyed dog trying to herd blind chickens. He’s a great guy, who’s definitely one of a kind.

Big Lizard Wisdom

100 % of all divorces start with marriage

Favorite Verses

If you get to thinking you are someone of high importance or class then go and try to boss your neighbors dog around… redneck reality check.

Dirt Word

When you can’t take anymore you’re just really starting. It’s not how much you can hold, rather how much you let hold you. Smile often, live free.


To the Ones who watch movies alone on Friday night—the ones that eat a meal by themselves– the ones that are avoided on a bus–the ones who sleep alone to wake to emptiness–to the ones who shop with no one to buy for–the ones who truly understand left field–the ones who don’t follow the crowd–today I am thinking of you.


What would the Aflac duck do for additional insurance if he was injured moonlighting for Geico trying to save 15% in 15 minutes