Swirly Earl

Swirly Earl

Swirly Earl is one of our repo agents/transporters. He gets the job done without any fuss or lip… and that’s why Ronnie likes him so much! He is also a pro-wrestler on the side so he is as entertaining a three eyed dog trying to herd blind chickens. He’s a great guy, who’s definitely one of a kind.

Big Lizard Wisdom

Even though you current life is the product of your past, you never have to be impressed by it.

Favorite Verses

Why do they put flotation devices under the seats of planes and not parachutes?

Dirt Word

If we stop loving possessions and using people and start loving people and using possessions we will discover we are again live rather than living


Remember one thing it’s a whole lot easier getting on this train than it is getting off.


Moths are just butterfly zombies waiting to recocoon.