Big Juicy

Big Juicy

Big Juicy is our front office assistant and Amy’s right hand woman. When it comes to running our day to day office duties and keeping everything peachy, she’s our girl. She takes care of The Lick and makes sure it stays nice and clean, and also makes sure the crazy customers don’t get to out of control. She’s tougher than a two-dollar steak, so don’t come around here acting up!

Big Lizard Wisdom

Look I know I have a lot of faults but being wrong aint one of them.

Favorite Verses

You see the same stars from the valleys as you do from the mountain tops. Reaching them is possible no matter where you are.

Dirt Word

The greatest waste of time is living through someone else’s eyes


Sometime you only get one shot at something so use a hand grenade because it has a much better blast radius.


There are two people in a marriage. One’s always right; the other’s always the husband.