Swirly Earl

Swirly Earl

Swirly Earl is one of our repo agents/transporters. He gets the job done without any fuss or lip… and that’s why Ronnie likes him so much! He is also a pro-wrestler on the side so he is as entertaining a three eyed dog trying to herd blind chickens. He’s a great guy, who’s definitely one of a kind.

Big Lizard Wisdom

We’re so tough that death once had a near Lizard Lick experience.

Favorite Verses

One hundred percent of all divorces start with marriage.

Dirt Word

Hard to have a battle of wits with someone half armed verbally.  You’d rather go skinny dipping with snapping turtles than to fish this creek.


I’m learning brain cells come and go, but fat cells live forever.


The distance between making a memory and making a life is about the same distance between a memory and memoir and memory