Tammy- Store Manager


Tammy is our merchandise store manager and handles the front office, doing invoices, dispatching, and customer service. You enter Rontopia and the first face you see will be hers. She helps our fans feel right at home, while telling you a little about the history of Lizard Lick. Anytime you are in town, you’ve gotta stop by and see this girl for the inside scoop of everyone at the LICK.

Big Lizard Wisdom

Never go skinny dipping with snapping turtles

Favorite Verses

If  I found Lars Dixon floating in my pool I’d go punish my dog.

Dirt Word

We can talk to kings and presidents and can inspire armies and countries. We can verbally give hope but change will only come about with actions, not words.


There’s a difference in watching a kid grow and raising a kid. If you don’t know the difference, you shouldn’t have kids.


One hundred percent of all divorces start with marriage.